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Allies For Awakening
Allies For Awakening

toad and jaguar
The Toad & the Jaguar

The Ayahuasca Experience



Through The Gateway of the Heart
Accounts of Experiences with MDMA and other Empathogenic Substances

Compiled and Edited by Sophia Adamson
Second updated Edition
Preface by Padma Catell
Foreword by Ralph Metzner

171 pages

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This book was originally compiled, edited and published by Ralph Metzner, under the nom de plume Sophia Adamson, in 1985, the year that MDMA was made illegal.

This second updated edition has just been published by Solarium Press, Petaluma, CA. This new edition has a new preface by Padma Catell and a new foreword by Ralph Metzner and revised, updated Guidelines for the Sacramental Use of Empathogenic Substances.



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