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Related Educational Organizations


Buckminster Fuller Institute - This is the site for archival access to publications and videos on the work of the 20th century Leonardo -- philosopher, mathematician, inventor, designer -- pioneer of wholistic, comprehensive design thinking, "working to advance humanity's option for success". Among many other gifts he contributed, Fuller created the "most accurate flat map of the Earth", copies of which are available from the Institute.

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). This is an independent, accredited graduate school, founded by the Aurobindo scholar Haridas Chaudhuri in the 1960s. CIIS offers doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology, East-West Psychology, and Philosophy and Religion; and master's degrees in Integral Counseling Psychology, Drama Therapy, East-West Psychology, Philosophy and Religion, Integral Health Studies, Organizational Development and Transformation, Social/Cultural Anthropology and Somatic Psychology. Several of the programs offer concentrations in ecological studies and ecopsychology; and some offer online courses as well. Ralph Metzner has been teaching there since 1975, was Academic Dean for from 1979-1989, and presently still teaches courses there in ecopsychology and altered states of consciousness.
(CIIS, 1453 Mission Str., San Francisco, CA 94103. Tel: 415-575-6100).

Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). IONS is a research and educational organization founded 25 years by astronaut-explorer Edgar Mitchell and directed for many years by the late visionary scientist Willis Harman. It is a membership organization concerned with consciousness studies, new scientific paradigms and the development of human potential. It organizes annual conferences, as well as seminars, tours and workshops, and produces publications, including the Noetics Review.
(IONS, 101 San Antonio Road, Petaluma, CA 94952. Tel: 707-779-8242).

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP). Offers a distance learning Global Program and residential programs that incorporate traditional and non-traditional psychological and spiritual models of teaching and learning. M.A. degrees in Transpersonal Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Transpersonal Studies; as well as certicate programs. Accredited by WASC.
(ITP, 744 San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303. Tel: 650-493-4430). 

Naropa University. The Naropa University was orginally founded by the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa, to provide educational programs that would incorporate Buddhist meditation and spirituality. Accredited. It offers a B.A. in Contemplative Psychology, and M.A.s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, Art Therapy, Somatic Psychology, and concentrations in Ecopsychology.
(2130 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80302. Tel: 303-546-3572).

New Dimensions Radio. This innovative weekly one-hour radio program, founded by Michael and Justine Toms, has been offering growing edge interviews with "New Age" thinkers, scientists and writers for over twenty years. The New Dimensions programs are carried by over 300 public radio stations worldwide. Recently, they produced a 13-part series on Deep Ecology. New Dimensions also distributes audio tapes of their many interviews, and several books as well. 

Saybrook Graduate School. Saybrook is an accredited independent graduate school that brings transpersonal, phenomenological, depth and humanistic perspectives to its programs in Clinical Inquiry, Health Psychology, Organizational Inquiry, Consciousness Studies, Systems Inquiry, Peace and Conflict Resolution and others.
Saybrook uses a distance learning formate combined with semi-annual residential intensives. Faculty include Jeanne Achterberg, David Lukoff, Stanley Krippner, Donald Rothberg, Ilene Serling and many others. (Saybrook Graduate School, 450 Pacific, 3rd Fl., San Francisco, CA 94133. Tel: 800-825-4480).

The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES). This program, founded and directed by Montessori educator Phil Gang, offers an M.Ed. in Integrative Learning via the Internet in a collaborative on-line learning community. It is one of the most advanced applications of the new technologies to colloborative learning in a global-ecological context. Classes are completely conducted online, via the Metanet system; and the program includes two residential colloquia per year. The M.Ed. program is accredited through its affiliation with Endicott College, in Massachusetts.
(TIES-Endicott, 8115 McCormick Ave., Oakland, CA 94605. Tel: 510-638-2300).

Schumacher College. This is an innovative educational program on a beautiful country estate in Devon, England, that offers three-week long seminars with distinguished teachers in deep ecology, ecological economics and holistic earth studies of all kinds. Schumacher College was founded by Satish Kumar, a Gandhian peace-activist, who is also the editor of Resurgence, one of England's leading environmental magazines. Factulty include Fritjof Capra, James Hillman, Vandana Shiva, Helena Norberg-Hodge and others. Schumacher has recently added a one-year MS program in Holistic Science to its offerings. (Schumacher College, The Old Postern, Dartington, Devon, TQ9 6EA, England. Tel: 44- 01803-865934)

University of Creation Spirituality (UCS). The University of Creation Spirituality was founded by the renowned theologian, priest and educator Matthew Fox. Devoted to the study of mystical and ecumenical traditions, meditation, celebration and the arts, as well as the relationship of spirituality to social change, ecology and justice. Offers a Doctor of Ministry, as well as, in conjunction with the Naropa Institute, a M.A. program in Creation Spirituality.
(UCS, 2141 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612. Tel: 510-835-4827).

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