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About Green Earth Foundation


Harmonizing Humanity with Earth and Spirit

The Green Earth Foundation is an educational and research organization dedicated to the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth, through a recognition of the energetic and spiritual interconnectedness of all life-forms in all worlds. Our strategic objectives are to help bring about changes in attitudes, values, perceptions, and worldviews that are based on ecological balance and respect for the integrity of all life. To further these objectives Green Earth Foundation provides growing edge information, via the publication and distribution of tapes, books and experiential training programs. The three main areas of research that GEF is involved in are

  1. Consciousness Studies, including knowledge about psychoactive plants and substances
Green Earth Foundation is presenting a training program in alchemical divination practices, designed and taught by Ralph Metzner. For a description of this program click here.

For a selection of articles from past issues of the Green Earth Observer (1989-91), click here
Green Earth Observer

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Green Earth Foundation is incorporated in California as a 501 (c) (3) organization. A scholarship fund is being set up to fund students and others of limited means to participate in the Alchemical Divination training program. You may send tax-deductible contributions to Green Earth Foundation, P.O. Box 327, El Verano, CA 95433. Please specify if you wish your contribution to go to the Alchemical Divination scholarship fund.

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