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Ecology of Consciousness Volumes 1-7

Worlds within
7. Worlds Within and Worlds Beyond

6 pathways
6. Six Pathways of Destiny

life cycle book
5. Life Cycle of the Human Soul

4. Mind Space &
Time Stream

alchemical divination
3. Alchemical Divination

2. The Roots of War and Domination

1. The Expansion of Consciousness

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The Ecology of Consciousness:
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* Dec 2013 Solar panels on the church roof.

* Dec 2013 Pope Francis comes out against fracking, for the protection of all life and the poor

* Dec 2013 How the Egypt civil war may be a grim harbinger of things to come

* Dec 2013 Beautiful and amazing photos of animals.

* Nov. 25, 2013 Awesome footage of communication with wild animals

* October 21, 2013 Last Hours

* October 14, 2013 Three short documentary films of paranormal surgeon healers

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Upcoming Events at which Ralph will be Presenting:

Conference of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS)

October 1-5, 2014, Crete

in conjunction with the International Transpersonal Association (ITA) and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) - The mission of this conference is to help facilitate a metamorphosis, both for the country of Greece and the field of Transpersonal Psychology.


Transpersonal psychology can be seen as the inheritor of these three traditional “ways.” In each of them there is a recognition of the reality of immaterial “spirits,” “essences” or “souls,” intrinsic to all living beings and even inanimate matter. C. G. Jung’s work rehabilitated the alchemical wisdom tradition – re-interpreting it as the symbolic language of the psyche. Chemist Albert Hofmann, unexpectedly discovered a material substance that can expand perception and consciousness. The secret of the lapis – the precious “wisdom stone” – was that it could bring about a profound new way of “seeing.” We will explore common themes and metaphors in these three great traditions. Among the presenters, besides myself, include: Christel Lukoff, Dietrich Franke, Giovanna Calabres, Claudio Calcina, Stuart Sovatsky, Zana Marovic, Megan Wagner, and Jure Biechonski.

I'll also be conducting a post-conference workshop on October 6th, from 10 am-5pm:


Divination is the practice of seeking healing and guidance from inner sources of wisdom and knowledge. Alchemical divination involves practicing yogic light-fire methods to support concentration on the divinatory question-and-answer process. We work in the spirit of the ancient Roman deity Janus, god of doorways and transitions, whose two faces look in a balanced way into the past and the future. Using the symbolic imagery of drinking from the Well of Memory, we can connect with unresolved and incomplete aspects of our past history, to re-member and integrate them into them into our present sense of who we are. This leads to a deepened sense of self and greater freedom to make authentic choices in the present. Using the symbolic imagery of rising to the top of the Tree of Visions, we can look ahead and search along the probability lines of our multiple possible futures in spiritual growth, creativity, professional work and personal relationships. This leads to a heightened sense of self and inspiration to realize our highest potentials. We will work with guided visualizations, sound meditations and intuitive drawing/painting. Participants are invited to bring art/drawing paper & colored pens/pencils.


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Lectures and Related Media by Ralph Metzner:

Radio interview with Ralph by Poke Runyon on The Hermetic Hour on September 12, 2013.


Earth, Music and the Psychedelic Experience, an interview with Ralph Metzner, published August 28, 2013 on the Blues@Greece website.


Psychedelics, Shamanism & Consciousness Expansion - July 2013 lecture by Ralph Metzner at the October Gallery in London.


Ralph Metzner giving a workshop in Tallinn, Estonia, August 2012. Audio is Life-Cycle Medicine Wheel, from "Spirit Soundings" poetry reading CD. A four-minute video, produced by Ivo Eggi.


The Expansion of Conciousness in the Individual and Society (a slide-illustrated talk by Ralph Metzner), from the October Gallery in London, May 14, 2011.


Slide show of photographs from the Consciousness and the Biosphere symposium at the October Gallery. The symposium featured: John Allen, Ralph Metzner, Amanda Feilding, Bernard Carr, and David Luke, from the October Gallery in London, May 14, 2011.


Radio interview with Ralph by Trevahr Hughes on EntheoRadio on January 5, 2011.


Ralph Metzner interview with director Rak Razam at the 2010 MAPS conference, where Ralph recalls the beginning of psychedelic research at Harvard in the early 1960s and discusses the prospects for future psychedelic research.


Radio interview with Ralph by Trevahr Hughes on EntheoRadio on August 12, 2010.


The Octave Principle of the Evolution of Consciousness, a 15 minute condensed video illustration of an audio recording of Ralph Metzner's talk at the Mind States Conference in 2003. The videographer, whose name is Cosmicsmi2le, found some rare footage of G.I. Gurdjieff, among other images.


Related Media featuring Ralph Metzner (among others)

The Substance: Albert Hofmann's LSD, DVD by Martin Witz

Ralph says: "The Substance is the best film about psychedelics made so far and a fitting tribute to Albert Hofmann - who is truly the mystic chemist."


Entheo:Genesis - DVD and From Millbrook to Hollywood - Download

Both of these films are produced by Rod Mann.

Entheo:Genesis examines the modern day crisis of disenchantment associated with living in a hyper modern world. The thinkers and artists in the film include: Stan Grof, Terence Mckenna, Alex Grey, Ralph Metzner, John Markoff, and Kat Harrison.

From Millbrook to Hollywood, Rod Mann's rarely screened documentary, goes behind the scenes of one of the world's most infamous unreleased films, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out,and features an interview with Ralph Metzner, as well as rare footage from the film.



Healing the Fear of Dying

Two Dramatic Filmed Accounts of Psilocybin
Experiences in Terminal Cancer Patients

To get a sense of the significance and potential impact of this work with psilocybin in alleviating anxiety around dying, below are links to two filmed interviews with subjects who went through this program, and who have since died.



Healing With Entactogens by Torsten Passie, M.D.; Foreword by Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.
This booklet explores MDMA and other entactogens as pharmacological adjuncts to group psychotherapy. It presents intimate insights into entactogenic experiences from first-hand accounts of clients who participated in group therapy sessions, and crucial background on the neurobiological and psychospiritual components of those experiences.

"Torsten Passie's research not only deals with the amplified psychotherapy possible with MDMA, but also with the neurophysiological and neurochemical correlates of the experience. His book deserves a place as an essential milestone in the integration of MDMA-type drugs into psychotherapeutic practice."  Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., from the Foreword
Now available through our website


Mystic Chemist:
The Life of Albert Hofmann and His Discovery of LSD

by Dieter Hagenbach and Lucius Werthmüller
English Translation published by and available from Synergetic Press, Santa Fe, NM. 2013.

Ralph Metzner writes: Albert Hofmann's discovery of LSD, the most potent mind-expanding substance ever found, was an event of multiple synchronicities - it occurred in 1943 in Switzerland, a neutral country, within months of the building of the atomic bomb. Albert Hofmann had the scientific and the spiritual insight to recognize the enormous significance of his discovery and spent the rest of his long life exploring it. The authors of this biography have done a marvelous job of pulling together documentation and commentary, not only about Hofmann and LSD but also the socio-cultural and political upheavals of the 1960s, during which LSD and all mind-expanding drugs played an enormous role. The story of LSD and its potential role in society is however far from over, as Hofmann himself also thought. Please read this book and stay tuned...



The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss - My Life with Terence McKenna
By Dennis McKenna. 2012. Published by North StarPress of St. Cloud, Inc.

Reading this fraternal autobiography was for me  both fascinating and moving, as I was and remain close friends with both the brothers, have shared stimulating conversations and psychedelic explorations with them, and was deeply saddened by Terence’s early death. Terence became known for his scintillating eloquence and Irish gift of the gab, like my old friend from an earlier generation Timothy Leary. His scintillating flights of the imagination, mixing far-out speculative science and arcane scholarship, delivered in his characteristic dead-pan nasally inflected voice – have astonished and delighted thousands – and remain in disembodied recordings circulating worldwide on the internet[...]
Order at

PSYCHEDELIA – An Ancient Culture, A Modern Way of Life
By Patrick Lundborg. 2012. Published Lysergia. Stockholm-Lhasa-Mojave.  Also available from

Psychedelic culture seems to breed luxuriously in the literary, visual and auditory arts. Patrick Lundborg, a Swedish computer scientist and independent researcher who previously published The Acid Archives, a pioneering study of underground music in the 1960s and 1970s, has here produced an impressively wide-ranging historical compendium of psychedelic culture. In over 500 pages, Lundborg surveys a colorful history that spans 3,500 years of a living underground culture, engaged in constant dialogue with its mainstream counterpart[...]


Other German language books by Ralph Metzner

New German Language edition of The Well of Remembrance via Arun Verlag

Originally published in1994, this book has been out of print for some time and is now available in a new updated edition, with all the original illustrations (which were ommitted in the earlier German edition).

Der Brunnen der Erinnerung
Die mythologischen und schamanischen Wurzeln unserer Kultur

Mit Vorwort von Marija Gimbutas - Nachwort von Wolf-Dieter Storl, Mit Beiträgen von Bärbel Kreidt, Norbert Mayer und Christian Rätsch

"Dieses wichtige und genau zur richtigen Zeit erscheinende Buch lässt uns die Stimmen unserer Ahnen aus dem Alten Europa hören, die uns die Feier des Lebens lehren und uns in der Kunst der Versöhnung unterrichten." - Joanna Macy


The Ecology of Consciousness series are being published by Nachtschatten Verlag, in Solothurn, Switzerland. The first four volumes have already appeared: 1) Die Erweiterung des Bewusstseins, 2) Die Wurzeln von Krieg und Herrschaft, 3) Alchemistische Divination, 4) Raum des Geistes - Strom der Zeit. Vol. 5 - Der Lebenszyklus der Menschenseele.


The Green Earth Foundation

The Green Earth Foundation is an educational and research organization dedicated to the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth. Our objectives are to help bring about changes in attitudes, values, perceptions, and worldviews that are based on ecological balance and respect for the integrity of all life-forms on Earth. Our areas of research and interest include consciousness studies, shamanism and alchemy, Earth mythology, as well as green- and eco-psychology.

We sponsor events featuring Green Earth Foundation founder Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., who (since his participation in the Harvard psilocybin project of the 1960s) has been exploring states of consciousness and transformational practices for over forty-five years.

Ralph offers lectures and workshops, both locally and internationally, in Alchemical Divination — which are practices for accessing your spiritual intelligence for healing and guidance.

Books and CDs by Ralph Metzner are available from this website, including the first five volumes from the new series on The Ecology of Consciousness.

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The Toad & the Jaguar

Through the Gateway of the Heart

Neurons to Nirvana
Neurons to Nirvana DVD

The Ayahuasca Experience

unfolding self
The Unfolding Self
2010 Edition

Birth of a Psychedelic Culture
Ram Dass &
Ralph Metzner,
with Gary Bravo

spirit soundsing
Spirit Soundings
Poems by Ralph Metzner
Music by Kit Walker & others


Auge der Seherin - Stimme des Dichters Eye of the Seeress - Voice of the Poet
Zweisprachiges Anthologie
Bilingual anthology

Green Psychology

The Well of Remembrance

Psychedelic Prayers
by Timothy Leary

Introduction by Ralph Metzner

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Bardo Blues
CD of Ralph's Songs, 2005

Discussion between Ralph and Michael Harner, 2006

kdlfVisionary Experience and Divination
Talk by Ralph
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